New Dots Mesh software release (September 2020)

September 6, 2020
New Dots Mesh software release (September 2020)
The Dots Mesh platform launched publicly about 3 weeks ago. And now I'm super excited to show you the next major update.

The web app is now at v1.1.0

Here are the highlights:

Published posts can be edited

This was one of the features that was left behind when preparing for v1.0. The past weeks reminded us that it's an important one, and I'm glad it's here now. You can easily modify the posts on your profile page, and your groups.

Usability and accessibility improvements

I'm happy that we focus on this so early on. Now, people that rely on screen readers can access the platform in a familiar way. I'm sure there are more improvements that can be made, so feel free to talk with us and contribute.

New ways to create connections

Dots Mesh is a distributed social platform and spam can be a real issue. That's why in v1.0 a key is required when connecting with others (to send private messages for example). Now in v1.1 you have an option to allow everybody to send you requests. You can also limit this to specific groups. This is especially helpful when connecting with families, friends, and teams.

There is a lot more

There are also a few small features, a lot of enhancements, and bug fixes. Take a look at the release notes for all the details.

As you already know, hosts the latest stable version of the Dots Mesh web app. It's now updated to v1.1.

The PHP server package is now at v1.1.0

The main change is the added support for editing group posts. Here are the release notes, if you want to take a look.

It's an exciting time

There was a lot of interest in the Dots Mesh project over the last couple of weeks. There is a lot of positive feedback, suggestions, and ideas. I'm personally super excited about the things we can build, and the value we can create. Feel free to join us if you deeply care about open technologies, the Web, privacy, great design, etc. Dots Mesh is a great opportunity to influence the world in a positive way.
There will be more!
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