Frequently asked questions about the Dots Mesh platform

These are answers to some of the questions you might have about the platform. Feel free to contact us if you want more information or want to join the team. It's an open-source project, and we welcome you to contribute and help us to make it even better.

What is a dot?
This is your own digital identity that enables you to present yourself online and interact with others.

What is a mesh?
This word represents your online connections.

Is this an app?
Yes, it's an app, but there are servers involved for storing your data (public profiles, groups, etc.). You can run a server yourself or use our hosting service.

It is distributed?
Yes, the platform is distributed. This means no one owns it and every individual/company is responsible for hosting their own public profiles and groups. Happily, the server requirements are low and easily met by most hosting providers. Learn more here.

What are the features?
You can create a list of contacts and message them, post publicly, participate in groups, and follow others. Learn more here.

How is it different from any other social network?
No ads, no spam, no tracking. Our goal is to make you more productive and have more fun connecting with the closest ones and the world, not just spend more time on the platform.
And you really own your data too (it's encrypted and signed and only you have the key).

The user's private data is encrypted by default on their device and the hosting provider cannot read it. The private key is stored on the server, encrypted by the user password, and decrypted on the client device. HTTPS is a requirement.

How can I host my public profile?
There is a simple installer that will help you set up a Dots Mesh server and then create your profile.

Is it free?
Yes, the platform is publicly available and the software is open-sourced. You just have to cover the hosting costs for your public profiles and groups.

What is a public profile?
This type of profile can be accessed by everyone on the Internet. It lives on a server. Learn more about it here.

What is a private profile?
This type of profile lives on your device (laptop, phone, etc.) and it's free (no hosting needed). It supports most of the features the public profiles support. Learn more about it here.

How do I get started?
Just visit dotsmesh.com and create your own profile.
There will be more!
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