Why choose an open social platform?

We live in interesting and magical times. Most of us own a device that keeps us connected with our family and friends, helps us learn new things, makes us more productive, improves our fitness, and entertains us from time to time. All this because of the World Wide Web - one of the most amazing things we've invented.

There are many reasons for the success and the adoption of the Web, but there is one that stands out - it's designed to be open! Everybody can join, browse, and contribute! It's based on open technologies, too. Awesome right?

So ...

What is an open social platform?

This is a part of the Web that's focused on the people and their social circles. You don't need permission to join, you can browse freely and connect with others. You can share and discuss publicly and privately.

Dots Mesh is an open social platform and a bit more

It's decentralized and distributed by design, too! You can easily join Dots Mesh and self-host your public social profile. Your private data is encrypted and only you have the key, and you choose who to connect to. The Dots Mesh software is of course open-sourced, and you can modify and adapt it to fit your needs.

Here are some notable benefits:

You own your data

This is a big one! Nowadays we use multiple apps/services to communicate with our family, friends, and colleagues, and sometimes we are not quite sure how our data is used. It may be written in the terms, but we rarely read them carefully, right?

The Dots Mesh platform is designed with privacy in mind. You are the one that defines the terms. You may be familiar with this amazing feeling if you own a domain, a website, and an email address.

Learn more about self-hosting your profile and groups.

You own the software

It's bad when a service you use for many years suddenly changes its rules or shuts down. It's even worse when they treat you like you are the product. This cannot happen if you own the software. You know upfront what you are getting into when using solutions based on open-source software, and you can be sure things can only get better.

Take a look at the Dots Mesh code at GitHub.

No middleman

Do we really need a third party to monitor our communication and force guidelines when interacting with family and friends, with colleagues and fans? If the software is easy to use and well made, why the middleman?

Ready to try it?

Dots Mesh is a great example of an open social platform. It provides you the tools to connect online with your family and friends, and build new social circles. Try it out today, and help us grow the platform and improve the software. At the end of the day, this will benefit us all.
There will be more!
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