The official news about the Dots Mesh platform

A huge UI update
The official news about the Dots Mesh platform
Happy to announce the new Dots Mesh web app UI.

Let's see what's new in v1.5.0:
  • The posts are now stacked vertically on big screens (and centered), just like on mobile. The posts' backgrounds are now dark.
  • The mobile toolbar now fits all apps (no more menus).
  • The UI is better optimized for phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • There are much more icons and helpful texts.
  • And so much more ...

Take a look.
The release notes are available at:

There are small updates to the server packages too. Take a look at:
Docker image is officially available
The official news about the Dots Mesh platform
Happy to announce that the Dots Mesh host Docker image is officially available. Now, it's much more easier to self-host your public profiles and groups.

The source and instructions are available at github.com/dotsmesh/dotsmesh-host-docker
Dots Mesh now supports PHP 8
The official news about the Dots Mesh platform
The latest web app version (v1.4.1) and the latest server version (v1.2.1) now support PHP 8. There are a few enhancements too. Check them out at the GitHub repositories:
What is new in Dots Mesh (November 2020)
The official news about the Dots Mesh platform
The last few weeks were all about bug fixes and UI improvements. The web app is now a lot more user friendly and welcoming. Take a look at the release notes about v1.4.0 to see all the changes made.

Better UI and UX, and stability are always a priority. Feel free to contact us and share your ideas with us.
New Dots Mesh software release (October 2020)
The official news about the Dots Mesh platform
Hi, hope you are doing well.

There is one big feature that we release today, and there is a lot that's behind it. So let's get it started.

Push notifications for private profiles are now available!

As may you already know, private profiles live on your device. They are free and easy to create. They lack public sharing and messages but they are great for following others and participating in groups.

You may also know that you can subscribe to alerts when there are new posts on public profiles and in groups. You can also subscribe to alerts for comments in a group post. When there is such a change, public profiles got notified immediately, but this was not the case with private profiles. Until now!

We've launched a push notifications service for private profiles! It can be configured from the settings screen and you will be asked to enable push notifications after login.

The web app is now at v1.3.0

There are a lot of updates to the web app to support this new feature. There are some enhancements and bug fixes too. Take a look at the release notes for all the details.

As you already know, dotsmesh.com hosts the latest stable version of the Dots Mesh web app. It's now updated to v1.3.

The PHP server package is now at v1.2.0

The new push notifications system required some breaking changes. We've taken the opportunity to reorganize the host's data and optimize it too. That's why a migration script must be run after downloading the new version. It will be called automatically if you are using the Dost Mesh installer with auto-update enabled.

Please, take a look at the release notes for all the details.

The PHP observer package (new)

This is the software that runs the official push notifications service for private profiles. There will be more details in the future on how to run such a service yourself.
Take a look at the official repository at GitHub.

This is an important one

This feature makes the private profiles experience much better, and it's crucial for fulfilling our mission. If you care about privacy and owning your data and software, please spread the message and share Dots Mesh with your family and friends.
There will be more!
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