All about the different types of Dots Mesh profiles

There are two main types of Dots Mesh profiles:

Public profiles

As the name implies this type of profile is accessible by everyone on the Internet (this means that it lives on a server). It has a public ID (jane.examplehost.com for example) that identifies it. This ID points to the server where the profile data is stored (image, name, posts, etc).

As an owner of a such profile, you must be authorized to make changes. That's why such a profile requires a password, and it's very important to keep this password secure. It's the key to your data and it protects your privacy and authenticity. You can learn more about the encryption stuff here.

Public profiles have an inbox so that others can send them private messages, invitations, or other kinds of requests.

So if you want to connect with others, just tell them your ID, and they can get to your profile through the Dots Mesh web app.

Private profiles

They live on the user's device. They are highly encrypted too, but because they are technically not on the Internet you do not need a password. Currently, you are not able to move such a profile from one device to another.

They do not have an inbox but support the majority of the features that public profiles support. This includes joining and participating in groups, following others, subscribing for notifications, etc.

The special profiles IDs

Most public profile IDs contain the location of the server where their data is stored. We've mentioned jane.examplehost.com, and examplehost.com is the name of that server.

But there are two special types of IDs, that look like this:
- jane.uk, matt.us, annasmith.ca
- jane, matt, annasmith

Under the hood, they work just like the other public profiles but can bring a special/premium look and feel. They point to servers that the Dots Mesh team runs and are one of the ways to support the development of the software that runs the platform. You can learn more about that option at hosting.dotsmesh.com.

You are not missing out on features if you're using a standard, self-hosted profile, and we actually encourage you to do so, if you have the experience. Dots Mesh is a distributed platform and we believe you should have 100% ownership of our data.

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