A different kind of social platform
Open and fair
Your family, your friends, your team, your rules
No spam, no ads, no tracking
Open source
Free and forever yours
Highly encrypted
Public profiles, private messages, and groups
Own your profile
and your communications
Create a public profile and share with the world.
Discuss and have fun privately with messages and groups.
Multiple layers of encryption, because privacy matters.
Dots Mesh - everything about the platform
Beautiful. Easy to use.
Available on the web (in the browser and as a web app).
Smooth and fast.
Post, follow, share, discuss.
Dots Mesh - everything about the platform
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Is it for me?
Most likely. Dots Mesh is a general social platform focused exclusively on you and your social circles.
Communicate privately with your closest ones and share special moments with the relatives.
Laugh together. Organize a surprise party, a night out, or your next amazing adventure.
One place for your internal communication. You can also self-host your profiles and groups.
Get online. Connect directly to your customers and keep them engaged with your brand.
It all starts with a profile!
There are two distinct types of personal profiles that both support groups. You choose.
Free. Lives on your device.
Private profile
Following others
Contacts list
Hosted on the Internet.
Public profile
Following others
Contacts list
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How does it work?
The same way the Internet and the emails work.
Not the same way other social platforms work.
It's kind of revolutionary.
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Let's get started!
An official web app is available at dotsmesh.com

There will be more!
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